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Yup… it’s stairs. I just liked the pattern.

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My Life…

Today the family and I went out on a bike ride.  As I saw my wife and three songs riding off into the distance, I confirmed that I was one of the luckiest guys in the world. This photo captures … Continue reading

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Meet your maker

Taking this photo scared the hell out of me – I was literally shaking.  I don’t like guns… especially one that is pointed at me and is loaded (except for the one in the chamber).

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Playing with myself

Not what you think… you have a dirty, dirty mind!

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The Stranger

I pulled up to my garage tonight and got this idea… here it is, nothing too special.

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My Ride

Today’s picture is of my car where I spend 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 hours of my life everyday commuting to / from work. I had to give my car some love because it has been good to me…

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“The Keyboard Killer”

My wife goes through so many keyboards in a year — they simply stop working.  Today she had to go get a new one , so while she was out, I took her old keyboard apart and created this shot. … Continue reading

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Shattered Dreams

Someone lost a homeā€¦

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Birthday Girl

Today is my wife’s birthday! Happy Birthday baby!

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Yesterday was apocalypse but today is happiness!  A child’s innocence is always a magical thing.

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